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Many individuals with special needs require lifelong care that is tailored to their specific situation. To ensure their needs are met, even after existing caregivers are no longer able to meet them, loving family members may wish to create a special needs trust.

At Bucks County Elder Law, we have a thorough understanding of the trusts that can be established in the course of creating a comprehensive estate plan, including special needs trusts. Under the guidance of Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) Henry Carpenter II, our firm can provide advice, information and effective options to best meet the lifetime requirements of your loved one with special needs. In addition, our Director of Care Advocacy, Sarah Floyd, can help you locate necessary services and obtain financial assistance to pay for them.

A properly designed and funded special needs trust can provide your loved one with funds capable of maximizing his or her quality of life without jeopardizing eligibility for assistance from Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Trust funds can be used to pay for education, travel, high-end medical and dental care, transportation, entertainment, and much more.

Other assets that may be used to fund a special needs trust include monetary compensation from a settlement. This situation typically arises when an individual has been injured by the negligence or injurious action of another individual and has received compensation for his or her injuries.

It is important to note that special needs planning is an extremely complicated area of the law. If a special needs trust is improperly designed, funded or implemented, your loved one with special needs may be deemed ineligible for assistance from Medicaid and SSI. Given the high cost of care, such a result would likely be catastrophic for all but the wealthiest of families.

We have helped many families in New Jersey and Pennsylvania obtain the care they need for their loved ones with special needs. Contact us today for a free consultation with our Yardley and Newtown special needs planning lawyer to explore your options.

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