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What Is Elder Law?

Elder Law encompasses a wide range of practice areas, including life care planning, long-term care planning, Medicaid planning, estate planning, asset protection planning, and more. We have extensive experience in all of these areas. In fact, our entire practice is dedicated to helping seniors and their families plan for their futures and cope during times of crisis. In particular, we help families find ways to pay for expensive long-term care without exhausting their hard-earned life savings.

The Cost of Long-Term Care

We don’t want to alarm you, but consider the following statistics:

  • The median cost of nursing home care in New Jersey for a private room was more than $129,000 per year in 2017. In Pennsylvania, it was over $120,000
  • In certain situations, long-term care costs considerably more. Costs are expected to rise dramatically in the future
  • Approximately two out of three families exhaust their savings within two years of a family member moving to a nursing home

Ready for some good news? We can help you qualify for assistance from Medicaid to obtain the care you need while simultaneously protecting most, if not all, of your assets. We can help you plan in advance for the possibility of needing long-term care in the future. We can also help you in what is often called a Medicaid crisis situation.

Coping with a Medicaid Crisis Situation

A Medicaid crisis is a situation in which a person has already entered a nursing home, or must move to one very soon, and been told that he or she owns too many assets to qualify for assistance from Medicaid. If this has happened to you or someone you love, don’t panic. The laws governing eligibility for Medicaid are complicated and few people fully understand them. We do.

We invite you to contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation. Our New Jersey and Pennsylvania Medicaid planning attorney, together with our life-care planning team, knows how to obtain the care you need while preserving your life savings.

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