Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning is a process whereby the legal, healthcare, social and psychological needs of a frail elder or special needs person are assessed and a plan is developed to meet those needs in an economical fashion that protects and preserves the income and assets of the person to the greatest extent possible. The elements of a Life Care Plan include the assessment of the immediate, mid-term and long-term care needs of the person, followed by the development of a plan to provide the type of assistance the person will need during the various time frames and then determine how to most efficiently pay for that assistance.


A Life Care Plan combines in a single convenient package the elements of protecting and preserving the income and assets of the elder or disabled individual with the assessment and coordination of the care needs for the individual. Our law firm takes a holistic, interdisciplinary team approach in developing these plans – our attorneys, care coordinator and support staff consult with other legal professionals, health care professionals, financial professionals, durable medical equipment providers, insurance company personnel, employees of various government and charitable organizations, professional care providers and family members in order to determine, obtain and pay for the kind of care our clients deserve. A Life Care Plan answers all the tough questions about your loved one’s long-term care, now and in the future. It’s the ultimate protection for elders and their families.


With a Life Care Plan, the client gets the right care sooner, maximum independence for as long as possible, and the ability to age with dignity. Families get help finding the right care and services; guidance with legal, health care and long-term care decisions as the elder’s condition progresses; and security because the other family members provided for. Like a traditional estate plan, a Life Care Plan includes the legal protection needed to safeguard assets, honor your loved one’s wishes and provide for family members. But it doesn’t stop there. A Life Care Plan diagrams how your loved one’s long-term care, financial, physical and psychological needs will be met. It is a roadmap for total legal care with two simple goals: (1) to maximize your loved one’s quality of life–until the end of life and (2) preserving wealth for your family’s future.


With a Life Care Plan, you never have to wonder if you’re doing everything you can for your loved one. The team at Henry Carpenter’s Office of Bucks County Elder Law surrounds you with the resources, support, and guidance you need to make decisions with confidence. You are never alone! Our team has years of experience guiding families through situations similar the one you may be facing now. We have access to the resources you will need to protect your loved one’s quality of life.


Who Needs A Life Care Plan?


If you have an elderly or special need loved one whose care you are concerned about, your family is a candidate for a Life Care Plan. Whether you have an immediate crisis or you are planning for the future of your loved one, your family could benefit from having a Life Care Plan in place. Still not sure if you need a Life Care Plan? Call our office at (215) 493-0727 to schedule a free, one-hour initial life care planning consultation.



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