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If you have recently lost a loved one, you will soon have to go through the estate administration or probate process to handle the estate. At the Yardley offices of Bucks County Elder Law , our attorneys can help you through the probate or estate planning process and make sure your family's future is protected. Offering more than just compassion, we are dedicated to helping you through the probate or estate administration process.


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While taking care of all the paperwork and guiding you through the estate administration process, we will help your family resolve any legal problem or practical issue that may arise. We will make sure the wishes of your loved one are accurately carried out. Fulfilling the wishes of the deceased and protecting the rights of your family are our goals.


The estate administration process is for families whose loved one has left an estate plan to follow. You may have to go through the probate process depending on the type of planning done by your loved one. Whether you are going through the probate or the estate administration process, we will help with all personal issues and assist the executor of the estate. We will help your family handle all the legal issues that arise from a death, including:


    • Asset valuation

    • Locating assets

    • Complying with the terms of the will

    • Filing inheritance and estate tax returns

    • Notifications

    • Debts


We understand both estate administration and estate planning concerns. In addition to our estate administration practice, we help individuals plan for the future with wills and estate planning .


Will Contests and Estate Litigation


If there is a dispute in your family over the will, trust, or estate plan of your loved one, we can protect your rights. While we will pursue every possible road to reach a successful solution, we are not afraid to protect your rights in estate litigation. Whether you wish to file a will contest or legal action has been taken against your interests, we will protect you rights in court.


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Helping families in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for over twenty years, we understand the challenges you may face as you go through the estate planning or probate processes. Our Buck County law offices are open weekdays, but we offer after-hours and off-site visits as necessary. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.


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