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Contested Wills & Estates

Bucks County Attorneys Handling Contested Wills and Estates


After someone dies, their estate must be distributed according to their wishes and the laws of their state of residency. During the probate administration process, however, disagreements can arise over the terms of the will or asset distribution, and these disputes may require litigation.


If you are in need of legal counsel regarding a contested will or estate, turn to our experienced lawyers at Bucks County Elder Law. Our firm provides clients with professional and zealous representation in estate and will disputes.


Our firm has handled numerous will contests in our many years of practice in the areas of estate planning, elder law and probate administration . We will take the time to explain your options, whether you are contesting the will or attempting to have it distributed as planned.


We Specialize in Compassionate Care

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Some complex estates consist of millions of dollars in assets. Our firm handles these cases with discretion and confidentiality. We are capable of handling estate litigation matters regarding estates of any size for administrators, beneficiaries, executors or other individuals involved in (or potentially left out of) the estate.


We understand the emotional toll that contested will and estate cases can have on an individual and family. Our firm strives to minimize the additional stress these cases may cause while seeking an efficient and effective solution to the matter.


Whenever possible, we attempt to resolve these types of cases out of court. However, we are not afraid to aggressively litigate on your behalf if your case warrants this type of action.


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At Bucks County Elder Law, our lawyers are committed to standing by clients throughout the entirely of their disputes regarding a will or estate. Open weekdays, our Yardley law offices also offer evening, weekend, and off-site appointments in order to manage the concerns of our clients. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.




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 Makefield Executive Quarters

301 Oxford Valley Rd Suite 101B

Yardley PA 19067